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[ 2010-02-13 15:07:02 ]
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Dear Mr I.G. Shon,

thanks for your answer.  I got all info I needed.
I'm now thinking and comparing offers.
I'll come back to you soon.
Thanks and B.regards
Maxime Berg

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From: i_g_shon@hotmail.com
Subject: Xaris aggressive wheel samples.
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 08:51:00 +0000

Dear Mr. Maxime Berg,
Thank you very much for your mail and interest in our skate wheel.
On your inquiry, our Xaris aggressive wheel price is @$x.xx/pc ex-factory for mass order and EMS cost for 4pcs would U$xxxx to Belgium.
(For domestic retail and sample, we charging @U$8.00 ~10.00 but I would specially suggest you for our good future business relations)
Total sample charge of 4 wheels to your office is U$xxxx but we would absorb sample cost and you should pay only EMS charge.
Our minimum oder quantity is 2,000pcs per order and white color is available.
Also we can print your logo with additional cost of logo printing but additional cost should be less than U$200.- within 3 colors.
I really wishes to cooperate with you for develop of Belgium market.
If you have any query or suggestion, pls kindly contact me without any hesitate.
I wish, my Xaris wheel can pass your test and can get mass order form you continuously.
Thanks again and best regards,
Mr. I. G. Shon / Looka technics Co., Ltd.
PS. You may visit our web-site lookawheel.com but English explanation is not enough. Thanks.

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----Original message ----
Subject: xaris aggresive skate wheels
From: Mr Berg Max
To: In-line skate wheel
Date: Wed, Feb 10 2010 04:21:08 (GMT-8)

Mr Il-Gyun Shon,
I'm Maxime Berg from Belgium and I'm interested in your Xaris wheels for agressive skating.
I need to know what's the minimum quantity and price.
Also if it's possible to change the logo or get it all white?
I finally need to know if it's possible to get a 4 wheels set sample in order to test it and approve the quality.
My mail adress is sey-a@hotmail.com
Hoping get an aswer soon
Best regards
Maxime Berg

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